Busy Mom Bootcamp; deligation


It all has to be done, but NOT by you!!

Welcome to day two of my busy mom bootcamp. In case you missed it yesterday, we talked on periscope (@mammawithmuscle)about making your daily, weekly and monthly schedules in order to take control of your time. Today I am chatting about how and what to delegate to your kiddos.

I am super pumped to teach my oldest two how to do laundry this summer! One piece of the delegation puzzle is acceptance that it may not be perfect. Something to consider; if you do it all yourself, it can’t all be perfect anyway. Don’t stretch yourself too thin! You may as well delegate some chores that others are perfectly capable of doing in order to save yourself some sanity! I have attached a list of age appropriate chores for you to  consider when planning out your summer lists.

Assigning your kids chores is not only helpful for you, but it is good for them. Assigning jobs and allowing them to check them off gives them a sense of accomplishment and makes them feel part of the family “team.” It also shows them the value in keeping things clean and finishing a job given to them. Lets face it, we all enjoy checking things off the to-do list, especially when it was done by someone else 😉

Be sure to follow along live on persicope @mammawithmuscle to catch the live chats and ask me questions directly. Wednesday we will chat about my favorite money saving tips.

Chores by age