5 Day Sampler Test Group; testers needed!



The benefits of the “healthiest meal of you day” are endless! Join us for this 5 day clean eating, sampler group to find out why we love the taste AND the benefits. Try the flavors each day, provide feedback at the end of the week and I will have a gift for you! All for only $25. Simply complete the form below and your goodies will be in the mail!


Do get caught in the trap!

Do get caught in the trap!

We can’t compare our third page news to our friends cover story.

We all have that friend that posts on social media every time they go to the bathroom, that is not the post we are talking about here. For the most part; social media posts are fun, our daily highlight, something to be proud of per say.
If you are having a rough day, or maybe just a day of getting all of the chores done so you can enjoy the rest of your week, and Suzy is at the beach with a fruity drink in her hand and ear buds in, you may feel a sense of jealousy. DONT! You may wish to switch places with Suzy today, but you have no idea what may be waiting for her at home or what she had to sacrifice to make one day at the beach happen for her.

If we struggle as adults to remember this, think about how hard it is for our children to see it. “Bobby’s” life is so perfect; he has Nike shoes and gets to stay out after the street lights come on. Maybe bobby has no parent at home to make sure he is home safe and they buy him expensive things out of guilt. Social media is an awesome things, but it is also a lot of smoke mirrors.

Your perception of another’s reality may not be their reality at all! Find freedom in allowing yourself some room for error and imperfection!

Team Make Fit Happen!

I am busting at the seams with pride and excitement and I just have to share with you all!

As you may know I work with a team of fitness coaches that have a passion of health and wellness. To be a coach you simply need to have passion, motivation and a desire to make and be a change in a positive manner.

For 2 of the women I work with, being a coach was not enough. A perk of the fitness partnership that I am in with a fellow fit mom Amanda Tress, the founder of @fit pregnancy and parenting, is that we can grow our knowledge and skill base with specialty certifications at a discounted price. #teammakefithappen is branching out! I am currently a Certified Personal Trainer, working with customers both online and in person. My Fit friends Holly and Melissa are kicking it up too!

Holly is a work at home mom that runs an in-home preschool as well as many other communityimage projects. After losing 55 pounds herself, Holly has become a great role model for her friends and family in regards to overall wellness. Holly is getting her Yoga certification to add children’s  yoga to her curriculum as well as adult classes to out local studio. way to go girl!!!!

Melissa is a 9-5’er I like to say. She is a manager that deals in finances as well as being a wife and mom. Melissa has always had a passion for exercise and being image“healthy.” Melissa is currently studying  for her Personal Training Cert. to take her client interaction up a notch!

Way to go ladies!  I could not be more proud and I cant wait to see how this all plays out, we are going to do big things!

If you are curious about how you may fit in to our team or how you can make income either actively or passively I would love to answer any questions you may have.


Summer Slim Down Bootcamp

image Are you looking for a functional way to workout at home, with accountability, with a REAL person guiding you through? Do you have a “problem area,” maybe your thighs, midsection or the back of your arms.

Once I made the shift in my workouts from long cardio sessions with heavy weight training to a focused high intensity 30 minutes a day I noticed my problem areas finally changing….and yours can too! Along with my workouts, I have also found an eating “lifestyle” that I have been able to maintain long-term to shed that extra weight in the stubborn areas of my upper thighs and abdomen.

My in-person personal training clients are killing it at the studio, I am so excited to be able to offer an at home option to help even more of you! My next online bootcamp session is starting May 26th and will run for 6 weeks, If you would like to know more I invite you to keep reading!

The ideal bootcamper is a motivated women that needs guidance with functional fitness and would benefit from a clean eating, specific meal plan. This program is intended for women looking to lose 10-20 pounds. I promise if you follow the program you WILL get the results you are looking for.

Here are you bootcamp options;

    • Option one is the online summer slim down bootcamp video series with a clean, paleo inspired meal plan. No weigh-ins or gimmicks, no pills. Just lifestyle modifications you can sustain for the results you dream of. You will get an initial consultation with me to discuss your goals, an in-home workout 5 days a week, and a specific grocery list to guide you at the store.
    • Option two is a program I can offer you through my partnership with beachbody (the makers of p90x and insanity) called the 21 day fix. This program includes a DVD video series that includes 30 minute workouts, a meal plan and portion control containers for easy meal prep/planning. You will also have access to my online bootcamp video series.


Here is how it works;

  • The Summer slim down bootcamp will begin May 26th and run for 6 weeks.
  • You will receive written workouts with video clips for demonstration and explanation 5 days a week. Modifications will be given for all fitness levels.
  • You will have a grocery list provided to you  that will guide you through the store. The ingredients will be suitable for you AND your family, with no hard to locate ingredients.
  • You will have a free initial consultation with me and be expected to check in with me regularly there after.
  • All participants will be added to an online support page for women just like you to provide encouragement and support through the 6 week program.

I look forward to guiding motivated women to the body they have always dreamed of!


Workout Wednesday ~ At home Tabata

Workout Wednesday ~ At home Tabata

If you have not tried a tabata style workout you need to! This workout is sure to be get your heart thumping AS WELL AS working specific muscle groups. Each move only lasts a short time, so no need to hold back! no equipment needed.

Ideally the series of workouts is repeated 3 times, but you can modify to your fitness level. If you are unsure of the moves I have listed, no worries! You can always find a video on youtube or ask me in the comments below. Happy Sweating!

~Jessica aka Mammawithmuscle


No sleep, no coffee, no problem!

No sleep, no coffee, no problem!

So no sleep is obviously an exaggeration, but not by much! As a night shift nurse and mom of four, sleep is a luxury.

When I went back to work full-time outside the home, I found myself drinking more coffee just to stay awake. No big deal you say, well it was taking it’s toll on me. I found myself still feeling sluggish, and having more and more stomach indigestion as a result. Not to mention the dairy in the cream I needed in my coffee, when I was aiming for a dairy free diet.

That is when my search for a coffee replacement started. My husband would drink a monster regularly, so I gave that a shot. Hello heartburn! Not to mention the jittery feeling that goes along with an energy drink. I knew right away that was not for me.

I never was much of a tea drinker, for no particular reason. When I was introduced to the mastermind behind cogniTea, he promised I would be happy with the benefits of making the switch. I am pleased to say that I am!

I decided to give the product a test run on a night shift at work, a busy emergency room. After about six hours into my shift, we were encroaching on the early morning. I knew that this would be the real test of the benefits of the tea. My first concern, the flavor. The tea has a subtle mint flavor, but nothing overpowering. It was an enjoyable flavor without the added calories and dairy side effects of my cream. About an hour after drinking the tea, I was still feeling fresh, awake and ready to go. I must say , even I was surprised.

I will admit, I had a few more teabags in my pocket expecting to need another cup. I can honestly say, I only had one the whole night. I never felt a coffee hangover or the need to refill.

The 11 ingredients in the tea are all natural and organic to provide mental clarity and help you to have a productive day. If you are looking for a substitute for your coffee consumption, I highly recommend cogniTea! Let’s face it, any company with the slogan “I can, I will” mat have something to it!

Strong women Wednesday….meet Crystal.

Strong women Wednesday….meet Crystal.

I am so honored to have the chance to lift up one of my dear friends in our strong women Wednesday Spotlight! Crystal is a hard working corporate manager, wife, a Christian, athlete and now a crown wearing mother of two. Like most women, crystal had had enough of her old lifestyle. The difference in a lot of us is that she did the work to make a change.

One day, I made a decision to change my life. I’m a normal hardworking wife and mom of two kids. I started my journey at 181 pounds, size 12 today I am 127 lbs, size 2 and It took 2 years to get here! I gave up red meat, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and learned to love chicken, fish, green, eggs, and raw food. Initially, I did hard core Bootcamp, lifted light weights and in the summer I took up running. I started running races – I have two mega athletes for kids and it was time as their mother to earn my own “hardware”. As a result, I completed 10 races this year. I’m dedicated, determined and I work hard. If I say I’m going to do something I do by setting goals and checks in on myself. I don’t compete with anyone but myself – this is my mission, my vision and what’s going to keep me going strong. I’m not perfect, I have a long way to go. I’m really just your “average chic” who wants to be better. I take the long way – no shortcuts! No pills, nothing special – just healthy diet and exercise. I’m not a health fanatic, but I hold myself accountable. My family is on the same path with me – It’s a family plan. The best part of this all is I did this for me and no one else! I don’t have all the answers, I’m learning along the way, but I’m happier and healthier than I have ever been. I’m true proof that it may take a while to meet a goal, but it can be done. I love the new me at almost 40, I’m way happier and more secure than I was at 30. I hope to motivate one person who doubts themself! You Can Do It!”

Feel free to leave comments below for crystal to enjoy 😘