5 Day Sampler Test Group; testers needed!



The benefits of the “healthiest meal of you day” are endless! Join us for this 5 day clean eating, sampler group to find out why we love the taste AND the benefits. Try the flavors each day, provide feedback at the end of the week and I will have a gift for you! All for only $25. Simply complete the form below and your goodies will be in the mail!


Do you do moderation??

When I think about a recent podcast I heard, it makes me think of my twins. The only thing they have in common is their birthday!

Most likely you will either identify with my son or my daughter, struggling to find similarity with the other. Let’s go back to Easter; each kid gets candy in the mail every year from my MIL (👊). My son will put it in his room, taking a piece periodically until I finally throw it away about 6 weeks later. It is not that he doesn’t like it, he just doesn’t always WANT it, or think about it being there. My daughter, in the other hand will eat every last piece before it gets to her room (if I’d let her) and then be puking with a migraine by bedtime.


Addison, my daughter is a person that cannot do moderation, she simply needs to abstain from eating. My son however, can do moderation and that lifestyle works for him.

So why does knowing your habits matter? If you are an Abstainer, you cannot say “I’ll just have one chip,” and put the bag back for next weeks cheat or tomorrow’s lunch. The bag will haunt you all day, calling you from the pantry until you give in and eat it all. If you are a moderator, some diets may not be necessary for you because you can eat one slice of pizza with a large side salad and you’re pizza craving is satisfied.

So what am I? I am an abstainer to the max! My pantry has me on speed dial! Knowing this has given me a lot of ammunition for my meal plan. First of all, I don’t buy it! If it is in my house you can consider it eaten. Second, I have learned to LOVE interval fasting. For 4 hours a day, I do not need to live in moderation. If it is a food choice I allow in my diet, I can eat until full or satisfied within the time allowed. When my window is over, I’m done. Nothing else goes in my mouth. It is black and white, cut and dry!

So are you someone who can do moderation? I don’t consider it as a weakness to need to abstain, I am empowered in knowing that this is what it takes for me to make fit happen for me. If you want more information about interval fasting, I encourage you to google dr. Sara Soloman

I also talked more about my alternative to counting my macros on my periscope account @ mammawithmuscle if you would like to leat how I “keep it simple.”


I would love to hear about YOU! Take a second to fill out the form below and I will post the results of abstainers vs modifiers, super fun!


Happy Thursdate!

Hey mom’s, happy Thursdate!

I don’t usually have such a target audience, however today I am talking to the mama’s out there! When is the last time you went on a date with your son?


As a mom, I feel like I owe it to my future daughter-in-law (I know he is only nine!) to teach my son a few things about being a good husband. Not to mention, I think he is a pretty cool kids that deserves my undivided attention from time to time.

Besides watching the interaction between his parents, a boy can learn a lot about relationshipimages and feelings by having a good relationship with his mom. I am totally ok with my son being a “mamma’s boy” as long as he can still do for himself. There is a difference between dependency and simply a desire to be around someone. I can tell you based on my own relationship with my husband, a relationship between a boy and his mom fundamentally effects how he feels about himself and how he expresses his feelings towards others.

So what can you do TODAY to spend some one-on-one time?

  • Read a book together at nap time
  • Go to the grocery store and leave everyone else at home with dad. (some of my favorite alone times with my kids are in the car, they can’t walk away and we are in close enough proximity to hold hands.)image
  • Play a board game in his room after everyone else has gone to bed.
  • Take a walk/bike ride
  • Chat while making dinner together
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Snuggle on the couch and watch a movie



You don’t have to have a lot of money or even extra time to make the time you spend quality, you simply have to be intentional. Engage in conversation, be focused on him and show him that for that about of time he is your priority.