Runners; don’t skip a vital part of today’s run!

As a mom of four with two careers, I feel your pain in regards to limited time. Stretching to cool down and recover your muscles is so important. Follow along and I will teach you more about maximizing your time to decreases your PR time. But First; some of the best stretches for runners.  Hold each pose for 10-15 seconds,  repeating on the opposite side when necessary.

The quadriceps stretch. Balance on one leg as you pull one leg at a time back until your heel reaches your butt.


The Hamstring stretch. Sit up tall with one leg out strait and one foot tucked in. Hinge at your hips and reach for the outstretched foot.


Calf stretch. Stand up tall close to a wall, beam, or piece of equipment. put on foot angled up while the back leg moves in close behind. Press your hips forward until they are above the front ankle. You should feel a stretch through the lower leg on the side with the foot up at an angle. img_2134





Cross legged chair While standing, put one ankle on the top of the opposite knee and sit low into a chair pose. You can balance or hold on to a wall  or chair img_2127


IT Band Twist. Standing tall, cross on leg over the other keeping both feet o the floor. At the same time, take the opposing arm over your head and lean over. img_2126

Opposing extended stretch. Find a comfortable hands and knees position, hips and shoulders directly above your knees and hands. Extend one arm and one leg from opposing sides at the same time. img_2131


Pigeon. The easiest way to get into this position is to hold a plank and swing one knee up under your body until your knee is between your hands. After your knee is between your hands, lower your chest onto your leg. If needed, pull you foot further out to the side for a deeper stretch. img_2133


Extended Cobra. This is a great stretch for your lower back. The touching points to the floor are the tops of your shoes and your palms. Drop your hips and bring your chest forward and look up towards the ceiling.


Stretching at the end of a run, when your muscles are warm, is the best time to increase flexibility. When a long run is complete, picture a rubber band snapping back and contracting into a ball. If you stretch it back out, it will become long and lean again much like your muscles.

If you are interested in more running tips along with runners nutrition follow along! If you would like to join my exclusive runners training group to prepare for your spring 2017 runs visit me @ and click register to find out more.

~ Jessica





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