Baby it’s cold outside!!! Don’t let the cold weather get in the way of hitting PR’s in your spring races. I have some tips for you to keep you moving this winter and have you loving every step!

The most important piece is to have weather appropriate clothes.


  • Long pants- preferable ones that are fitted around the ankle. Having wet pants bottoms when you get home and slide off your shoes is no fun!
  • Fitted gloves- Your fingers will be one of the first things to get cold when your blood is trying to get back to your heart to keep up with your activity. However, having the use of your hands to shuffle your music, snap a pic of the scenery or adjust your shifting clothes is important.
  • Fitted, insulated shirt- I have an Under Armour mock turtle neck that keeps we warm without me feeling soaked from sweat. Having layer options in essential to keep warm and cut the winter windchill.
  • Thick socks- especially when the snow starts to fall, warm socks are a must. Running shoes are meant to breath, which in turn can let the dampness from the snow in. Cold, wet toes are no good:(
  • My favorite addition to my winter running arsenal is definitely my Yak Trax! Whether there is a dusting or a foot of snow, you can slide these removable cleats onto your regular running shoes and take off without the fear of falling. The best part is you don’t need a special pair of shoes. After waking up and prepping for a run only to find out the sidewalks are slippery, it was time to invest in some footwear.
  • Last but no least, another piece I never leave home without on a winter day is a bandanna scarf. I start with it around my neck and up over my nose to ease my lungs into the cold air exposure and end with it around my neck to keep it warm.


Once your wardrobe is prepared for the elements, have a goal is key to keeping you moving. If you don’t have a specific purpose, getting out the door on a cold day is harder to do.

  • Join a running group for accountability and maybe even a running buddy.
  • Sign up for a spring race and set a goal time to finish.
  • Set a realistic monthly mile goal and track your miles.


Stay tuned for more winter running tips!!

~ Jessica

AKA; mamma with muscle

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