I will never forget the time that my Dad said to me that he was dumfounded at women that have repeat children after going through the childbirth experience. The weight gain, stress, fatigue and pain that is inevitable. Obviously he could not truly understand, just like words cannot describe how you feel when you tackle a huge goal. A huge accomplishment that many will never attempt.

This childbirth experience was running through my mind as I ran my first full marathon this past weekend. A few weeks before the race, I was stressing about not having enough time to train properly. Being a busy mom of four that works part time and runs  a gym, getting three hour runs in was not very convenient. As the date got closer, I swore I would never run another full marathon and I had not even done one yet!

The morning of the big day, I had an overwhelming sense of calm and “you got this.” I was not confident it would be pretty, but I knew that God had given me the heart to do it and would provide the body to complete it as well.

About mile two I ran passed a little girl(7) and her Dad. That was the first time I had the crazy thought that I may repeat a marathon. I have a little lady myself that has a heart for running. I took Aaliyah (5) with me to pick up my bib and she was so disappointed she could not run with me. I decided, as I passed that little girl, that when Aaliyah is old enough to run the relay portion of the marathon I will complete another full so that we can cross the finish line together.

As the miles went on and my body got more tired and sore, I did have thoughts of walking. Just taking a little break. Deep down I knew that once I walked it would be that much harder to run again, so I pushed on. Just as a new mom forgets about the time in labor when she meets her newborn, my sore legs suddenly felt better as I neared and then crossed the finish line.

The reward, the sense of accomplishment, was well worth the sore legs and long training runs. So, will I run another? I’m sure I will, I do have fur children after all 😉


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