Don’t skip the stretch

Don’t skip the stretch

Runners; don’t skip a vital part of today’s run!

As a mom of four with two careers, I feel your pain in regards to limited time. Stretching to cool down and recover your muscles is so important. Follow along and I will teach you more about maximizing your time to decreases your PR time. But First; some of the best stretches for runners.  Hold each pose for 10-15 seconds,  repeating on the opposite side when necessary.

The quadriceps stretch. Balance on one leg as you pull one leg at a time back until your heel reaches your butt.


The Hamstring stretch. Sit up tall with one leg out strait and one foot tucked in. Hinge at your hips and reach for the outstretched foot.


Calf stretch. Stand up tall close to a wall, beam, or piece of equipment. put on foot angled up while the back leg moves in close behind. Press your hips forward until they are above the front ankle. You should feel a stretch through the lower leg on the side with the foot up at an angle. img_2134





Cross legged chair While standing, put one ankle on the top of the opposite knee and sit low into a chair pose. You can balance or hold on to a wall  or chair img_2127


IT Band Twist. Standing tall, cross on leg over the other keeping both feet o the floor. At the same time, take the opposing arm over your head and lean over. img_2126

Opposing extended stretch. Find a comfortable hands and knees position, hips and shoulders directly above your knees and hands. Extend one arm and one leg from opposing sides at the same time. img_2131


Pigeon. The easiest way to get into this position is to hold a plank and swing one knee up under your body until your knee is between your hands. After your knee is between your hands, lower your chest onto your leg. If needed, pull you foot further out to the side for a deeper stretch. img_2133


Extended Cobra. This is a great stretch for your lower back. The touching points to the floor are the tops of your shoes and your palms. Drop your hips and bring your chest forward and look up towards the ceiling.


Stretching at the end of a run, when your muscles are warm, is the best time to increase flexibility. When a long run is complete, picture a rubber band snapping back and contracting into a ball. If you stretch it back out, it will become long and lean again much like your muscles.

If you are interested in more running tips along with runners nutrition follow along! If you would like to join my exclusive runners training group to prepare for your spring 2017 runs visit me @ and click register to find out more.

~ Jessica





Cold Weather Running

Cold Weather Running

Baby it’s cold outside!!! Don’t let the cold weather get in the way of hitting PR’s in your spring races. I have some tips for you to keep you moving this winter and have you loving every step!

The most important piece is to have weather appropriate clothes.


  • Long pants- preferable ones that are fitted around the ankle. Having wet pants bottoms when you get home and slide off your shoes is no fun!
  • Fitted gloves- Your fingers will be one of the first things to get cold when your blood is trying to get back to your heart to keep up with your activity. However, having the use of your hands to shuffle your music, snap a pic of the scenery or adjust your shifting clothes is important.
  • Fitted, insulated shirt- I have an Under Armour mock turtle neck that keeps we warm without me feeling soaked from sweat. Having layer options in essential to keep warm and cut the winter windchill.
  • Thick socks- especially when the snow starts to fall, warm socks are a must. Running shoes are meant to breath, which in turn can let the dampness from the snow in. Cold, wet toes are no good:(
  • My favorite addition to my winter running arsenal is definitely my Yak Trax! Whether there is a dusting or a foot of snow, you can slide these removable cleats onto your regular running shoes and take off without the fear of falling. The best part is you don’t need a special pair of shoes. After waking up and prepping for a run only to find out the sidewalks are slippery, it was time to invest in some footwear.
  • Last but no least, another piece I never leave home without on a winter day is a bandanna scarf. I start with it around my neck and up over my nose to ease my lungs into the cold air exposure and end with it around my neck to keep it warm.


Once your wardrobe is prepared for the elements, have a goal is key to keeping you moving. If you don’t have a specific purpose, getting out the door on a cold day is harder to do.

  • Join a running group for accountability and maybe even a running buddy.
  • Sign up for a spring race and set a goal time to finish.
  • Set a realistic monthly mile goal and track your miles.


Stay tuned for more winter running tips!!

~ Jessica

AKA; mamma with muscle

Baby steps to HUGE things!

push-quoteHOLY COW!!! I just did that!! I just paid my last rent payment of the first full year at the gym. You may not understand how huge this is.

I have NEVER had a rent/lease/loan that was solely in my name. I moved from my dads house to my husbands, always knowing that I had help to get the job done. When I decided to open my own space to train and instruct clients, I was scared to take on a month to month $250 rent payment. Now, I have just completed a year lease with a rent more than double my started gym.

It so humbling to look back and see where I started and where we are now. Granted, it is not the Taj Mahal, but it is a business that continues to grow. Even in the typically slower fitness season, we are still seeing new faces and retaining original clients.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you would have told me 2.5 years ago when I moved to NKY with no family and no friends that this would be happening I would have laughed at you! Just like if I tell you that you need to lose 100 pounds you may tell me there is no way. It is all about baby steps. If I told you that you needed to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks and I was going to show you how would you feel better about your goal? Maybe you would not even realize what your end goal is because you cant wrap your brain around it. That was me.

If you would have told me that joining an online fitness business would have spiraled into this I would still not be able to visualize myself being that girl. Full disclosure, I was most scared about moving into our new place because it was on the main drag. What if I fail? Everyone will notice. It would have been easier to keep doing the online gig, bringing in decent residual income and changing some lives. For sure!! But what about all of those other people that I would have never met? What about the lives that have connected because I provide people a safe place to make new friends and build each other up? It is not about me at all. “As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” 2 Timothy 4:5

It is still funny to me to hear people talk about the gym or myself sometimes. I sometimes forget that life has taken me down this path. I am definitely not perfect, and I have definitely made bad parenting or fitness choices along the way. I love the look on peoples faces when I tell them i lived off of Taco Bell Mexican pizzas when I was pregnant with the twins. Or that we were so broke and clueless that the twins ate frozen kids TV dinners for the whole second year of life. It definitely took baby steps to get to where we are today!

I sincerely hope that if fear or doubt are holding you back from your aspirations, that you remember 2 things; 1)If God put it on your heart he will provide the means while you do the work. 2) baby steps, Rome was not built in a day. Even if you have to move slowly toward your goal, or you are not sure how far it can even take you, keep moving!



Busy Mom Bootcamp; deligation


It all has to be done, but NOT by you!!

Welcome to day two of my busy mom bootcamp. In case you missed it yesterday, we talked on periscope (@mammawithmuscle)about making your daily, weekly and monthly schedules in order to take control of your time. Today I am chatting about how and what to delegate to your kiddos.

I am super pumped to teach my oldest two how to do laundry this summer! One piece of the delegation puzzle is acceptance that it may not be perfect. Something to consider; if you do it all yourself, it can’t all be perfect anyway. Don’t stretch yourself too thin! You may as well delegate some chores that others are perfectly capable of doing in order to save yourself some sanity! I have attached a list of age appropriate chores for you to  consider when planning out your summer lists.

Assigning your kids chores is not only helpful for you, but it is good for them. Assigning jobs and allowing them to check them off gives them a sense of accomplishment and makes them feel part of the family “team.” It also shows them the value in keeping things clean and finishing a job given to them. Lets face it, we all enjoy checking things off the to-do list, especially when it was done by someone else 😉

Be sure to follow along live on persicope @mammawithmuscle to catch the live chats and ask me questions directly. Wednesday we will chat about my favorite money saving tips.

Chores by age 

Running a marathon and having a baby; scary similarities!

Running a marathon and having a baby; scary similarities!

I will never forget the time that my Dad said to me that he was dumfounded at women that have repeat children after going through the childbirth experience. The weight gain, stress, fatigue and pain that is inevitable. Obviously he could not truly understand, just like words cannot describe how you feel when you tackle a huge goal. A huge accomplishment that many will never attempt.

This childbirth experience was running through my mind as I ran my first full marathon this past weekend. A few weeks before the race, I was stressing about not having enough time to train properly. Being a busy mom of four that works part time and runs  a gym, getting three hour runs in was not very convenient. As the date got closer, I swore I would never run another full marathon and I had not even done one yet!

The morning of the big day, I had an overwhelming sense of calm and “you got this.” I was not confident it would be pretty, but I knew that God had given me the heart to do it and would provide the body to complete it as well.

About mile two I ran passed a little girl(7) and her Dad. That was the first time I had the crazy thought that I may repeat a marathon. I have a little lady myself that has a heart for running. I took Aaliyah (5) with me to pick up my bib and she was so disappointed she could not run with me. I decided, as I passed that little girl, that when Aaliyah is old enough to run the relay portion of the marathon I will complete another full so that we can cross the finish line together.

As the miles went on and my body got more tired and sore, I did have thoughts of walking. Just taking a little break. Deep down I knew that once I walked it would be that much harder to run again, so I pushed on. Just as a new mom forgets about the time in labor when she meets her newborn, my sore legs suddenly felt better as I neared and then crossed the finish line.

The reward, the sense of accomplishment, was well worth the sore legs and long training runs. So, will I run another? I’m sure I will, I do have fur children after all 😉


Too Blessed to be stressed!

Happy Monday Friends!!  I have been MIA for a bit, and it is time to get back in the action! HA! as if action is what my life is lacking.

As many of you know, I am a nurse by trade. I have my associates degree and for some crazy reason I thought I needed to go back to school….Which is where my writing skills have been for the last 9 months. Life is starting to feel a little more balanced and I am getting more help with the online version of my business so I decided it was time to stop neglecting my blog followers.

I am so excited to be able to share with you the training’s, nutrition info and lifestyle tips I have been studying up on since we have been apart! Be sure to follow along and lets do this crazy life together! #tooblessedtobestressed !!cropped-image3.jpg

5 Day Sampler Test Group; testers needed!



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